Eco-Friendly Drip Watering Solutions
Eco-Friendly Drip Watering Solutions

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About Micro Irrigation

micro irrigation Hanging Basket w/Micro Irrigation

Gardens of all types; Perennials, Containers, Raised Beds, Vegetables, Lawns, Trees and Shrubs all have one thing in common, they need water.  Many of these garden varieties such as containers and raised beds need daily watering in some of Canada's dry climates, and require constant attention to avoid poor plant health.   Micro Irrigation has grown immensely popular in recent years due to its eco-friendly and economic benefits.  This is a method of irrigation which very efficiently delivers water to the soil surface or the root zone; this is done by having water drip or spray slowly from emission devices, most commonly called "drip emitters" and “micro-sprayers”.


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Why Choose Watering Wise

Watering Wise is devoted to promoting the use of Drip Irrigation in Canada for both Homeowners and Professional Growers.  We promote best practice methods for effecient and eco-friendly watering solutions.

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